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Flint River in Sprewell Bluff Park, Georgia

Uncovering Stories of Science in the Flint River

By Matt O’Shaughnessy Hannah Palmer comes from a town that disappeared. As a child growing up just south of Atlanta in Mountain View, she watched as the steady expansion of Atlanta’s airport slowly took over her neighborhood. The constant roar of jets made Mountain View one of the most…

Environmental Action, One Community at a Time

By Christina Buffo After Dr. Yomi Noibi wrote a newsletter article about toxic chemicals in waterways, the previous Executive Director of Environmental Community Action (ECO-Action) tore it up. Dr. Noibi had written the article following the usual practice taught by his extensive scientific training…
Three people laughing and having a conversation on stage

The Comedy of Science

By Stella Mayerhoff While science and humor appear to be mutually exclusive fields, Dr. Lew Lefton, Faculty in the Department of Mathematics and Associate Vice President for Research Computing at Georgia Tech, has bridged these two seemingly distant worlds by performing science comedy and…
Landscape photo of the Providence Canyon in Lumpkin, GA

Georgia's Little Grand Canyon: Providence Canyon

By Misael Romero-Reyes You are standing in the middle of a deep deep canyon. It has everything it needs to flourish: water, soil, sunlight, and air. There are wild boars at the water table, huge trees, even alligators! Can you believe this magical wonder would not have been possible without humans…
Close-up shot of a young woman in a makerspace working on a project.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Makerverse!

By Malvern Madondo Ever wanted to make something, but weren’t sure how or where to start? Don’t have the tools? Afraid of making mistakes? Not sure what a makerspace is or how to be part of one? Don’t panic! There is a dedicated place in the metro Atlanta area where anyone can discover…
Learning about the science of social dancing with Ashwin Raju and Kristen Anne of Aatma Dance Studio.

The Science of Social Dancing

By Veronica Montgomery Two people meet on the dance floor and form an elegant silhouette. A sparkly dress flares during a double spin. Everyone catches their breath during a lift, only to grin in excitement and relief once both feet are on the ground. Whether watching it on screen or doing…

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