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STEM Professional School Partnership

Science ATL’s STEM Professional School Partnership (SPSP) program cultivates strong, impactful, and sustainable partnerships between diverse STEM professionals and K-12 schools. The ultimate goal of these partnerships is to enhance access to STEM learning resources and careers for students from groups underrepresented in the STEM fields. The program matches 50 STEM professionals to 50 K-12 schools in Metro Atlanta for a year of monthly interactions, with the goal of reaching 10,000 students.

2024-2025 SPSP applications will go live in July.

SPSP is made possible through corporate sponsorship and individual donations.
Special thanks to presenting sponsor, NCR Foundation!

NCR Foundation

Program Info

For the 2023-2024 school year, Metro Atlanta STEM professionals will be paired with K-12 educators to initiate 8 in person interactions over the course of the upcoming school year. Together, the partners will become Catalysts – enabling reactions that might not otherwise have taken place – to expand STEM opportunities for students and provide real-world support for classrooms. Each partnership has the opportunity to apply for a minigrant to support partnership activities.

2023-2024 Timeline

  • August 21 – Applications due 
  • August 25 – Applicants selected and notified
  • August 29 – Virtual Information Session for selected applicants (6pm-7pm)
  • September 23- In Person Kickoff and Training Session (9am-3pm, Michelle Obama STEM Elementary Academy. Attendance is mandatory)
  • October – Partnership Check-In Call (both partners and program manager)
  • November 15 – Mid Semester Virtual Meeting (6pm-7pm)
  • December – Mid-year Survey and Minigrant applications due
  • February – Partnership Check-In Call (both partners and program manager)
  • March 6 – Mid Semester Virtual Meeting (6pm-7pm)
  • May 19 – In Person Closing Ceremony (3pm-6pm, TBD)
  • May – End-of-year Survey due

Participation Requirements
All STEM professionals and educators are required to:

  • Attend required evening events:
    • In Person Kickoff and Training Session to complete Needs Assessment, Asset Maps, and set two Partnership Goals (Sep 23, 9:00am-3:00pm).
    • SPSP Virtual Meetings (Nov 15 and Mar 6, 6:00-7:00pm)
    • In Person End of Year Celebration (May 19, 3:00-6:00pm)
  • Commit approximately 4 hours per month from September to May to plan, implement, document, and reflect on monthly classroom or virtual engagements. These hours include regular monthly planning/reflection calls with your partner.
  • Communicate effectively and regularly with your partner.
  • Submit brief monthly activity reports and mid- and end-of-year surveys.
  • Participate in a Partnership Check-In Call (you, your partner, and the SPSP program manager) once per semester. 

“I have had a wonderful time in this program and partnering with [our STEM Professional]. This program has brought so much joy back into my career by reminding me why I love engineering in the first place! “

“[Our STEM professional] has been an awesome partner! I’m grateful for what we’ve been able to implement this school year to continue to expose students to science concepts related to the brain.”

“I am so grateful to be apart of this program. I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge in the few months we have been working together. I look forward to a continued partnership with Science ATL as I continue to grow as a STEM Educator. Thanks for everything so far I am enjoying this process.”

The whole year was special! I love visiting the kids and exposing them to Civil Engineering. My most special experience was after the girls in STEM lesson this year. I asked the class what they learned and one girl responded with ‘that I can do anything’ and it was very heart warming.

“I can say that the partnership helped the school culture to bring a different aspect of STEM that we otherwise wouldn’t have had without that partnership. It really brought computer science and technology to the forefront with students. And with the teachers also, it expanded their horizon of different things that they could do with the content that they teach.”

“My kids were always asking when our STEM partner was coming in, and then constantly bringing up the activities that we did together in other conversations, especially when we were reviewing for Milestones.”

Applications for the 2023-2024 SPSP cohort are now closed. Please check back in July for our 2024-2025 opportunity!

Program Web Links

The following links provide program participants with access to the necessary tools and documents needed for participation this year.

SPSP 23-24 Handbook

SPSP Alumni 23-24 Handbook (for SPSP Alumni Program Participants Only)

Partnership Diagram Submission

Partnership Goals Submission

Partnership Logs Submission

Mini Grant Application

This program is supported by generous sponsorship from NCR Foundation, Cox Enterprises, Delta Community, and Norfolk Southern. Special thanks to founding partner AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador Paula Garcia Todd.

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact AJ Chestnut Raines via email at [email protected].

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