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Wish you could attend the Atlanta Science Festival all year round? Good news! With support from Emory University and CleanSpark, Science ATL also produces public science events for kids, adults and everyone in-between throughout the year. Check out our upcoming events below!

Upcoming Science ATL Events

Nature Navigators: Island Ford Unit of the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area


Traverse the diversity of Georgia ecosystems! We will be hiking along the river starting at the headquarters for the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area. We’ll be able to see riparian ecosystems, rock overhangs, the dense forest and more along our route!

Nature Navigators, sponsored by CleanSpark, leads us on adventures into (& out of) the green spaces found in & around Atlanta, while exposing the countless science experiments that nature is constantly running and how humans observe, influence, and are influenced by the natural world.

Consider these hikes as more of a scientific expedition through our local ecosystems. To that end, our entire journey will be a type of observational study and along the way we'll be making frequent stops to appreciate & ask questions about our surroundings.

Be prepared, it's almost time to slip away into the wild & ask nature why it's so weird! Pack water, snacks or a mobile meal, a smile and whatever else is appropriate for the respective adventure. Children are always welcome as long as they are able! Or you can backpack them!!

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Emory University

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