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Native Knowledge and Next Steps in Science: Despite barriers, Native American science is crucial to greater understanding

November has been recognized as Native American Heritage Month since 1990, but through rich and unique iterations of the scientific method, sacred knowledge-sharing, and much more, Native scientists have been advancing human understanding of how our world works for centuries prior. More Alike Than…
John Cornforth

Meet John Cornforth: A Master of Chemical Synthesis

By Sarah Strassler In order to develop new drugs and chemicals, we need to be able to design a molecule on paper and then bring it to life! This involves trying different recipes until the product is just right. However, unlike making a cake, the molecules can’t be seen or tasted. Scientists…
Crystal Mandica

Up Close and Personal with The Amphibian Foundation 

Amphibians are secretive little critters. They like to hide in the comfortable corners of woodlands, marshes, and swamps. When you go on a walk in the woods, you might find an amphibian burrowed under a log or tucked into the corner of a stream. We don’t see amphibians all…
Lonnie Johnson

Meet Lonnie Johnson, Inventor of the Super Soaker

Longtime Atlanta local Lonnie Johnson is an engineer, inventor and entrepreneur. His education and experience enable him to engineer new products, some that have provided hours of fun for kids and others with the potential to transform the way people around the world generate power. Born in 1949…
Etta Zuber Falconer

Untold Science Story: Etta Zuber Falconer

Etta Falconer committed herself to being a lifelong learner at an early age, and she dedicated her life to increasing the number of African-Americans in mathematics and in mathematics-related careers as an admired teacher and mentor. Born in 1933 in Tupelo, Mississippi, Etta was one of two daughters…
Collage of Jocelyn Bell Burnell with colorful overlay

Jocelyn Bell Burnell: Paving the Way for Female Astronomers

By Sarah Strassler   “Women should not have to do all of the adapting. It is time for society to move toward women, not women toward society” - Jocelyn Bell Burnell When a star dies, it leaves behind a stellar “corpse” in the form of a dense core with a strong magnetic field –…

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