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Paula Garcia-Todd

Paula Garcia-Todd

Chemical Engineer,
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“As scientists and engineers, it’s really important to have a female representative in the room because we bring a different perspective. That diversity of thought is the secret sauce behind creating something really innovative.”

About Paula Garcia-Todd

STEM Topics Related to Her Work: Pharmaceuticals, drug delivery, chemistry, chemical engineering, polymer science

How She Makes the World A Better Place Through STEM: I work with pharmaceutical companies to ensure the medicine you take is most effective in your body, ensuring it’s delivered to the right place at the right time.

Education: BS and MS Chemical Engineering

Crafting Medicinal Marvels: Paula Garcia-Todd

Paula Garcia Todd’s role as a chemical engineer in the world of pharmaceuticals is as fascinating as it is crucial. She masterminds the science behind medicines, crafting the perfect mix of active ingredients and excipients – those backstage heroes that ensure your medication is not just effective, but optimally efficient within your body. With over two decades dedicated to researching and harnessing the power of excipients, Paula’s work is at the forefront of enhancing medical treatments.

From an early age, Paula’s heart was set on making a difference in people’s lives. What sets her apart is her belief that engineers and scientists are unsung heroes on a global scale. Working within a dynamic team of scientists, Paula’s work affects one-third of all oral solid medicines given to patients worldwide. Yes, one-third. Worldwide. Her passion emanates from knowing that her work directly impacts the well-being of countless individuals.

Paula’s journey wasn’t without its challenges, but Paula views challenges as opportunities for growth and learning. Throughout her engineering career, Paula has often been the only woman in the room. Yet, this reality fuels her mission to inspire young girls to see engineering as an attainable dream, and she’s great evidence of this purpose.

Diversity, Paula emphasizes, is the secret ingredient that sparks innovation. Her presence as a woman in engineering enriches discussions with unique perspectives, challenging the status quo. She champions the idea that by embracing diverse voices, true innovation flourishes.

The pivotal moment in Paula’s journey came with motherhood. The birth of her daughter ignited a passionate desire to change the narrative and expand possibilities. Paula embarked on outreach work, visiting classrooms throughout Atlanta to show girls the limitless potential of women in STEM fields. Her dedication led to her being featured with a statue at the Smithsonian, a beacon of inspiration for the generations to come. Yes. A statue.

Above all, Paula’s heart swells with pride knowing that her efforts are transforming patients’ lives worldwide.

Paula Garcia Todd’s journey is one of purpose, impact, and empowering the next generation. Her story echoes that of the unsung heroes who drive innovation, heal the sick, and shape the world through the lens of science. With each discovery she engineers, Paula’s legacy continues to grow, leaving a trail of inspiration for those who dare to dream beyond the ordinary.

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