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Natalie King

Natalie King, PhD

Science Educator & Researcher,
Georgia State University

“When I first got into science education, I read narratives about
people who look like me that were not positive, and what I want to figure out is: how can we create a new narrative?”

About Natalie King, PhD

STEM Topics Related to Her Work: STEM teacher education, equity in science teaching and learning, advancing Black girls in STEM.

How She Makes The World A Better Place Through STEM: She elevates the identities and brilliance of Black girls, and seeks to diversify the STEM teaching workforce. When she isn’t being a teacher or a scholar, Dr. King leads STEM summer camps for Black and Brown children that embrace their cultural experiences while also preparing them to become productive and critically-conscious citizens.

Hobbies: Spending time with husband and 3 sons; summer STEM Camps

Education: Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, M.Ed. in Special Education, B.S. in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology

Empowering Minds: Dr. Natalie King

Natalie King, PhD, is all about positivity. As an Associate Professor of Science Education at Georgia State University, she creates and manages science education programs for children and K-12 teachers throughout Atlanta. Her mission is for students to see themselves able to make positive contributions to the world through science.

Dr. King’s goal is to prepare middle and high school science teachers to ignite curiosity and passion for science in their students. Her influence, however, goes beyond the classroom walls. She dives into the heart of Atlanta-area communities, working tirelessly to present children, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds, to the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

A trailblazer in her field, Dr. King’s research is focused on engaging more Black and Brown girls in STEM fields. She envisions a future where all children, regardless of their backgrounds, can see positive reflections of themselves in the world of science. By changing the culture of science to be more inclusive and diverse, Dr. King strives to open doors for future generations.

Every day, she encourages young minds to recognize that helping others doesn’t necessitate a career in medicine or law alone. Education, engineering, and even gaming can offer ways to create positive change. Her message is clear: every individual can be a creator, shaping a world that aligns with their passions and talents.

Dr. King’s journey in science began in childhood, sparked by a fascination that school science couldn’t quench. It was a fifth-grade teacher who ignited the spark through an owl pellet dissection activity. From that moment, she knew that science was destined to be a part of her life. Through her teaching and research, she’s ensuring that young minds receive an authentic science education that fosters curiosity, critical thinking, and a love for learning.

Her journey isn’t just about the science; it’s about the small, transformative moments that drive her forward. Whether it’s a student who calls to share their graduation success or the memory of Natalie’s middle school teacher affirming her potential, these instances acknowledge the power of positivity and encouragement. As a science educator, Dr. King understands that her role extends far beyond transmitting knowledge. She recognizes the profound impact that words of encouragement can have on a young mind. By seeing the potential in her students and speaking positivity into their lives, she empowers them to overcome obstacles and reach for their dreams.

Dr. Natalie King’s journey is a testament to the remarkable impact that an individual can make when driven by passion and a genuine desire to uplift others. Her commitment to reshaping the narrative of science education and empowering marginalized communities speaks volumes about her character and dedication. As a torchbearer of inclusivity and empowerment, she paves the way for future generations to embrace their potential and change the world through the wonders of science and education.

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