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Science ATL is thrilled to announce Wondercast, a brand new videocast series! Hosted by Dr. Kellie Vinal, each episode will feature an interview with an Atlanta scientist and a guided science activity to encourage science fans of all ages to wonder through exploration of the world around them. The summer web series is sponsored by Emory University and new episodes will roll out throughout the next few months, beginning May 22. Subscribe to our channel and social media channels (@ScienceATL) to be notified of new episodes.



On May 22, we’ll learn about the only mammal capable of true flight: bats! 🦇 We’ll be joined by Emory Ph.D. candidate Amanda Vicente, who studies the intersection of disease prevention and bat conservation. Tune in to explore how these fuzzy sky puppies are helpful to our ecosystems, why people are afraid of them, and what it’s like to study them.

We’ll learn how to create a cozy home for bats in your own backyard, if you so choose, and what bats can teach us about viruses.

Now available! Click the image or click here to watch!

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About Kellie Vinal

Kellie Vinal is a molecular biologist, science writer, educator, producer, and adventure enthusiast based in Atlanta, GA. She’s fascinated by the intersection of science, art, and humanity and generally can’t sit still. She’s currently a freelance science communicator, serving as Public Events Coordinator for Science ATL, Atlanta producer for The Story Collider, Scientist in Residence for STE(A)M Truck, and co-host of the Womxn in STEMtertainment podcast. Her work explores the nuance and delightfully bizarre side of science through a range of mediums. You can learn more about her at KellieVinal.com

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