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Science ATL is always striving to bring people together through the wonder of science. With Wondercast, we did just that. With our full length episodes and design challenges, we invite you to wonder with us. Hosted by Dr. Kellie Vinal (@kellievinal), each Wondercast encourages science fans of all ages to wonder through an exploration of our world. Wondercast was supported by Emory University.

Our Wondercast series has ended but your exploration never should! You can still investigate the complex phenomena that make our world so extraordinary through design challenges and in-depth conversations with Atlanta scientists!

Wondercast Past Challenges

For December let’s talk about water!

With our partners at Elequa, we want you to figure out a way to purify water  using electricity. For bonus fun, you’ll be able to do it using only scavenged household items!

Our November challenge is about brains! Sorta. And outer space! Kinda.

We want you to create a flip book about what you think NASA and the European Space Agency will find on their exploration mission to Jupiter.

Science ATL is excited to be partnering with our friends at Piedmont Park Conservancy for October’s challenge. With the global pandemic and social distancing in mind, we want you to design a six-foot candy contraption (á la Rube Goldberg) that delivers a piece of Halloween candy to someone at least six feet away.

  • Cut a flap in your box so that it’s still attached on one side. **
  • Cover the inside of the flap with foil.
  • Position the lid of your box so that the sun bounces off the foil and onto your soon-to-be toasty snack within the oven. ***
  • If desired, cover the open hole of the box with plastic wrap to keep bugs and dirt away.

** Note: Feel free to change things up and share your innovative design!
*** Note: We recommend placing an open-faced s’more (without the top graham cracker) in the oven to melt before adding the final graham cracker layer.

Wondercast Episodes

BACKYARD DETECTIVES with Dr. Anthony Martin

Did you know that you can learn all about how an animal lived – even if it’s been dead for millions of years? Dr. Anthony (Tony) Martin joins the Wondercast to talk about tracks, trails, traces, trilobytes, and… paleo-selfies? Tune in to explore the world of ichnology, or the study of animal traces. We’ll learn why birds are basically dinosaurs, how being wrong is often right, and how to be a time traveling backyard detective!

Now available! Watch episode 3 now.


In this week’s Wondercast episode, we talk to Dr. Eri Saikawa, Associate Professor of Environmental Health and Environmental Sciences at Emory University, about pollution and the people and places most vulnerable to its impacts. While pollution impacts populations across the globe, Dr. Saikawa and her team conduct research in and with the help of communities around Atlanta.

Join us to learn more about how our air and soil gets contaminated and what you can do to be an environmental helper!

Now available! Watch episode 2 now.


On May 22, we’ll learn about the only mammal capable of true flight: bats! ? We’ll be joined by Emory Ph.D. candidate Amanda Vicente, who studies the intersection of disease prevention and bat conservation. Tune in to explore how these fuzzy sky puppies are helpful to our ecosystems, why people are afraid of them, and what it’s like to study them.

We’ll learn how to create a cozy home for bats in your own backyard, if you so choose, and what bats can teach us about viruses.

Now available! Watch episode 1 now.

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About Our Host

Kellie Vinal is a molecular biologist, science writer, educator, producer, and adventure enthusiast based in Atlanta, GA. She’s fascinated by the intersection of science, art, and humanity and generally can’t sit still. She’s currently a freelance science communicator, serving as Public Events Coordinator for Science ATL, Atlanta producer for The Story Collider, Scientist in Residence for STE(A)M Truck, and co-host of the Womxn in STEMtertainment podcast. Her work explores the nuance and delightfully bizarre side of science through a range of mediums. You can learn more about her at KellieVinal.com

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