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Misael Romero-Reyes

Misael Romero-Reyes, PhD

Chemistry Professor and Researcher,
Georgia Gwinnett College

“Never give up. There’s going to be a lot of failure in life, but just
know that the next time is going to be a little bit easier; every time, you make some progress, even though you don’t see it at first.”

About Misael Romero-Reyes, PhD

STEM Topics Related to His Work: Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Water Purification, Biochemistry.

How He Makes The World A Better Place Through STEM: I am working to increase the representation of Black and Hispanic people in STEM. Many students have told me that I was their only professor that looked like them, and this made me wonder if it was the same at the K-12 level. So I have partnered with Baggett Elementary School through Science ATL’s SPSP program, and brought science demos and activities to students over the year. I was able to use my Spanish language in some classes with students that had a hard time understanding the concepts. Then I hosted an event for the Atlanta Science Festival at my campus for 300+ people! I hope to make this a yearly event in this part of the science city.

Hobbies: Running, Swimming, Hiking, Visiting new places, Cooking, and a good Netflix show.

Education: PhD and BS in chemistry

Pasión y Practicidad (Passion and Practicality)

Step into the world of Misael Romero-Reyes, PhD, a passionate chemistry professor whose dedication to education and innovative research is shaping lives. Through his boundless enthusiasm and commitment to breaking barriers, Misael is lighting a path for students to explore, learn, and thrive.

As an associate chemistry professor at Georgia Gwinnett College, Misael immerses himself in the world of teaching, focusing on the intricacies of chemistry and its integration with biology and other scientific fields. He seeks to illuminate the ways in which the chemistry occurring all around us – from our bodies to plants and beyond – influences the physical changes we observe.

However, his influence goes beyond the classroom, extending into groundbreaking research to address the pressing issue of water contamination. In a world facing water scarcity, Misael explores innovative methods to decontaminate water sources, utilizing a resource as simple as wood. By converting wood into a filtering agent, he aspires to provide cleaner, potable water—transforming a basic element into a powerful tool for change.

In his role as a professor, Misael finds profound fulfillment in connecting with his students. The intimate classroom setting allows him to interact one-on-one with his students, recognizing that their lives extend beyond academia. By sharing his passion for science and advocating for its accessibility, Misael endeavors to impact as many young minds as possible.

Misael understands the significance of being open to different perspectives and experiences. Having moved from Mexico to the United States during middle school, he navigated the challenging transition of language and culture. The ability to shift between Spanish and English, and sometimes combining them into “Spanglish,” resonates with many who share similar experiences. Bilingualism, he believes, is a valuable asset that enriches the learning process.

The heart of Misael’s teaching philosophy lies in his dedication to resilience. He encourages his students to embrace failure as an integral part of the journey, reminding them that every setback is an opportunity for growth. Bilingualism adds an additional layer of complexity, yet Misael emphasizes that progress is achieved by persevering and learning from each experience.

Misael’s discovered his passion for explaining complex concepts while assisting his peers in science classrooms. This realization ignited his desire to become an educator, enabling him to share his insights and facilitate a sense of community among his students.

Misael’s innovative approach to science education shines through in his accomplishments. As a Three-Minute Thesis competition winner in graduate school, he ingeniously conveyed his five years of research using analogies from the beloved show SpongeBob SquarePants. His ability to bridge the gap between complex scientific concepts and everyday experiences is a testament to his dedication to making science accessible and engaging.

Misael Romero Reyes’ story is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and innovative thinking. As a chemistry professor and an advocate for diversity in education, he is molding the future of scientific exploration. Through his commitment to students, innovative research, and the pursuit of accessible education, Misael exemplifies the transformative impact of empowering curious minds.

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