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Ken Everett

Ken Everett

Internet-of-Things Engineer,
Cox Communications

“The question constantly running through my head is: How can the day to day interactions with the technology around us make us feel safer, more enriched, and more connected?”

About Ken Everett

STEM Topics Related to His Work: IoT Technology, Automation, Digital Infrastructure

How He Makes The World A Better Place Through STEM: In my current role, I work with city governments and municipal partnerships to expand current infrastructure and develop new infrastructure to make cities smarter. The type of solutions my team currently focuses on makes city operations more efficient and creates park or green space environments that are safer for citizens and their families. IoT (or Internet of Things) is really just about making life easy for the public.

Hobbies: Outdoor Adventure Sports (Kayaking, Canoeing, Camping), Music

Education: B.S., MBA

Pioneering Connectivity and Creativity: Ken Everett

Journeying into the space of technological marvels we find Ken Everett, a visionary senior sales engineer in the captivating realm of the “Internet-of-Things” (IoT). A visionary at heart, Ken’s insights, his creative approach to science, and his journey of self-discovery in the ever-connected world create the perfect blend of interconnected inspiration.

Ken’s role as a Senior Sales Engineer at Cox Communications in Sandy Springs, GA, is anything but ordinary. In the simplest terms, he collaborates with city governments, fashioning solutions that propel cities into the future through the magic of the Internet and interconnected devices. His work is more than technology – it’s about making life easier for fellow humans in a world that’s becoming more interconnected by the day.

The driving force behind Ken’s endeavors is the question: How can technology enrich and safeguard the lives of the global community? As society races forward, ever-connected and rapidly growing, Ken strives to ensure that technology serves the greater good, enhancing safety and well-being – technology is at its best when it betters human lives.

Throughout Ken’s journey, he has found his worth questioned – by others, and, more importantly, by himself. Yet, Ken’s story is one of conquering self-doubt, understanding that success is not a fixed destination but a continuous journey. Embracing challenges and finding beauty in the struggle has been his guiding light.

His academic trajectory wasn’t always straightforward. In high school, Ken was far from the conventional “model” student. But the fuel of being told he “couldn’t” only ignited his drive. His university years saw him exploring different majors, from chemistry to psychology and communication. His journey took an adventurous turn when he moved to South Korea, where he was introduced to the marvels of self-governing cities and science-infused infrastructure.

Ken’s creative curiosity has always been a driving force. From dismantling CD players to unraveling the mysteries of a TV’s inner workings, his natural inquisitiveness paved the way for his scientific mindset. He beautifully emphasizes the blend between creativity and science – both are vessels for making something new, be it through brush strokes or lines of code.

One of Ken’s favorite weekend activities is strolling along the Beltline – a seemingly ordinary urban pathway, but beneath it lies a web of technology. Even the simplest structures, he notes, can be transformed by connectivity and fiber optics. This encapsulates his belief that science is everywhere, enriching even the most mundane aspects of our lives.

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