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Janine Canon-Booker

Janine Canon-Booker

Software Engineering Manager,
Cox Automotive

“I was never very comfortable being the center of attention; but I realized that in order to grow, you have to showcase your work – you want people to see the person behind your great work… and
that person is you.”

About Janine Canon-Booker

STEM Topics Related to Her Work: Software Engineering

Hobbies: Volunteering at church, traveling, nature, cooking, movies

Education: Associate of Science

Guiding Teams and Inspiring Excellence: Janine Canon-Booker

Meet Janine Canon-Booker, an exceptional figure in the world of software engineering. To know Janine is to know her journey, which is full of a driving purpose to support her team and her unwavering commitment to empowering women and people of color in the field.

Janine’s role as a software engineering manager at Cox Automotive in Sandy Springs, GA isn’t just about codes and algorithms – it’s about nurturing a team, guiding them toward success, and being a catalyst for growth. Her dedication to her team’s development is a testament to her leadership prowess. Janine’s presence isn’t just a managerial one; it’s a driving force that propels her team’s growth and ensures the company thrives.

In a predominantly male-dominated sector, Janine’s journey hasn’t been without challenges. Initially, the gender disparity gave her pause. But rather than letting it deter her, she boldly embraced her path, demonstrating that hurdles can be stepping stones to progress. As a woman of color in a field where representation is vital, Janine’s presence inspires others to follow their dreams, regardless of the obstacles.

Janine’s vision extends beyond her own success; she aspires to guide aspiring engineers and to debunk the notion that certain fields could be off-limits to certain individuals. She champions the idea that women excel in the field of technology, urging them to hold onto their dreams and never give up. Her words echo a universal truth – perseverance and determination pave the way for remarkable achievements.

Growing up in Hawai’i, Janine’s dreams originally revolved around becoming a flight attendant, yearning to explore beyond the world of her island home. As her life unfolded, her love for technology took center stage, guiding her toward an industry where her knack for problem-solving and innovation found their home.

Janine hasn’t taken a straight-line path to get to where she is today. Initially pursuing business administration, she discovered her passion for software engineering while collaborating closely with an engineering team. The transition from passing tasks to being the problem solver ignited her desire to be the driving force of innovation.

A defining aspect of Janine’s journey is her commitment to service. Just as she was raised to serve others, she carries this ethos into her role as a leader. Her contribution extends beyond her professional responsibilities – it’s about empowering those around her, fostering an environment of collaboration and support.

One of Janine’s most remarkable achievements lies in overcoming self-doubt and realizing her potential to master various programming languages and excel as an engineer. Juggling multiple roles – a mother, a homemaker, a full-time employee, and a student – she epitomizes the triumph of dedication and hard work.

Janine’s path has led her to these leadership roles, which sometimes entail addressing audiences and presenting her team’s accomplishments. Overcoming an early paralyzing fear of public speaking, Janine recognized the power of visibility and representation. She’s learned that showcasing her work and facing these challenges head-on not only highlights her abilities but also paves the way for more opportunities: for her and for others like her.

Janine Canon-Booker’s story is one of resilience, growth, and empowerment. Her journey underscores that with determination and passion, any obstacle can be transformed into a stepping stone. Her words echo across industries – believe in yourself, embrace your uniqueness, and never shy away from new challenges. Janine’s voyage in the world of software engineering serves as an inspiring reminder that the pursuit of knowledge and innovation knows no boundaries.

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