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Edwina Blanchard

Edwina Blanchard

Corporate Technology Leader,
Cox Enterprises

“I’m constantly asking questions, and it’s so important to ask questions, be curious, and be courageous enough to act on the curiosity.”

About Edwina Blanchard

STEM Topics Related to Her Work: Software Engineering, Workflow Automation, Web Development, Biometrics, Cleantech/Sustainability

How She Makes The World A Better Place Through STEM: Cox is a very diverse business and in my area I’m able to provide technology to support our ventures in Cleantech, Sustainability and Corporate Social Outreach…all of which ultimately invests resources and innovation in making tomorrow better for communities here in Atlanta and across the nation. I’m also a constant advocate of our 34×34 initiative; a goal to empower 34 million people to live more prosperous lives by 2034….coordinating & sponsoring 20,000 volunteer hours collectively across our technology organization.

Hobbies: Travel, cooking and chatting over a good meal, hanging out with my dachshunds

Education: Masters in Business Administration (MBA), BS in Computer Information Systems

Exploring Innovation and Leadership: Edwina Blanchard

In the ever-changing world of corporate technology, Edwina Blanchard, affectionately known as “Ed”, stands tall, orchestrating the seamless integration of cutting-edge systems and solutions at Cox Enterprises in Sandy Springs, GA. As the Assistant Vice President of Corporate Shared Services, Ed leads the technology delivery for the company’s operations with her blend of strategic acumen and technical expertise.

Ed’s journey is marked by academic achievement and a passion for technology. Graduating from Grambling State University with a degree in Computer Information Systems laid the foundation for her technical pursuit, which was further enriched by an MBA from Kennesaw State University. With this strong educational background, Ed’s journey into the corporate tech world began.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Ed’s interests reflect her dynamic personality. A big music fan, she often spends her commutes with the rhythms of Hip-Hop and Jazz. Her affinity for harmony extends to her life outside the office, where she cherishes the company of her dachshunds, Sparky and Spotz, embracing moments of serenity amid her many responsibilities.

At the helm of Corporate Shared Services, Ed’s role encompasses a broad spectrum of responsibilities. From overseeing applications and systems to ensuring the seamless functioning of diverse technological elements across the company, she navigates the layers of technological orchestration with finesse. It’s not just about machines and code – Ed’s responsibilities extend to facilitating user experiences, from corporate jets to online portals, encapsulating the heartbeat of Cox Enterprises’ operations.

Ed’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges. Coming from a family where traditional professional paths weren’t common, she ventured into uncharted territory with determination and curiosity. Finding mentors and allies who shared her dreams, Ed’s journey reflects her unwavering commitment to carving her own path, defying conventions, and embracing the unknown.

The essence of Ed’s leadership lies in her unquenchable curiosity. Her desire to ask questions, seek solutions, and invite collaboration has shaped her approach to leadership. Recognizing that decisions stem from collective wisdom, she nurtures a team atmosphere where voices are heard and consensus is achieved. Her career path highlights the importance of cultivating a culture where curiosity and collaboration combine.

Considering her journey, Ed’s advice to her middle school self explains her philosophy succinctly: embrace education, explore interests, and cultivate a relentless pursuit of knowledge. In a world of rapid technological evolution, she encourages aspiring professionals to nurture curiosity and create connections with those who inspire them.

Edwina Blanchard’s journey from academic excellence to leadership in the tech world is an inspiring story of determination, curiosity, and visionary leadership. Her impact at Cox Enterprises and her insights into Atlanta’s scientific landscape serve as a beacon for aspiring professionals and a testament to the city’s innovation potential. Ed’s story is a reminder that embracing curiosity and pushing boundaries can lead to transformative outcomes, both personally and professionally.

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