Science Events Summit

Science ATL Partners with the Science Festival Alliance to Bring the Annual Science Events Summit

Science Events Summit

Science ATL is delighted to partner with the Science Festival Alliance to bring the annual Science Events Summit to Atlanta this June 1 – 2. This is the only professional meeting of its kind, and brings together anyone interested in what happens when people get together in-person in the name of science. Every year the Summit draws professionals and passionate volunteers from across North America to talk shop, share stories, and get re-energized.

We’ll be posting up at the Carter Center and nerding out over ideas of how to bring science into the public sphere. We’ll dive into best practices, evaluation, wacky ideas, and just enjoy the company of people who all exist in this professional space.

Registration for the Summit includes meals served on both days, a great conference dinner, and a ticket to the public event the night before. It’s a great deal, especially if you register before Early Bird rates expire on March 15. As a friend of Science ATL, use our secret discount to get $50 off: ATLfriends

See you at the Summit!