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Science ATL Communication Fellowship

The Science ATL Communication Fellowship, sponsored by Emory University, is designed to help close the communication gap between scientists and the public. This professional development experience is open to Atlanta-area graduate students and post-docs from any institute of higher education. Topics covered during the fellowship meetings will include using narrative techniques in science communication, directing language for different audiences, and developing demonstrations and public programs related to the fellow’s field of study.

As participants in this program, Fellows will:

  • Join other trainees from different STEM fields to learn new communication strategies and practice using them in a neutral and non-threatening environment
  • Learn different techniques for effective communication with a range of audiences
  • Gain practical skills in science communication and public engagement

The Fellows will gain practical experience in the following:

  • Writing a science article for the public, promoted on Science ATL website, newsletter and social channels;
  • Giving a general audience short Science Cafe Talk;
  • Developing a hands-on activity/demo to share in an expo-style environment.

COVID SAFETY NOTE: Because all Fellowship meetings will be in-person and indoors, we require all Fellows to be vaccinated for acceptance into the program.

Sponsored by:

Emory University

Congratulations to the 12 named 2021 Science ATL Communication Fellows

  • Natalie Alvarez, Emory University – Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
  • Paul Beasley, Emory University – Chemistry
  • Christina Buffo, Georgia Tech – Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Lucy Cronin-Golomb, Emory University – Psychology
  • Jennifer Jones, Morehouse School of Medicine – Microbiology, Biochemistry, Immunology
  • Pedro Márquez-Zacarías, Georgia Tech – Quantitative Biosciences
  • Mohamed Nassif, Georgia Tech – Aerospace Engineering
  • Matt O’Shaughnessy, Georgia Tech – Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Natalia Elvira Poveda Rey, Emory University – Nutrition & Health Sciences
  • Jordan Ross, Georgia State University – Neuroscience
  • Sarah Strassler, Emory University – Biochemistry
  • Cydney Wong, Georgia Tech/Emory University – Biomedical Engineering

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