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Yes, the Atlanta Science Festival is over, but we know you are hungry for more science! “What’s next?” you ask. Here are resources, opportunities, and information from our team and from our amazing partners to keep feeding your mind…

Check out public science events all year round at our Science Scene calendar, and register for our next big event, the 5K Race Through Space!

From our Expo Exhibitors

Propane-Powered School Buses
Did you get a chance to see the 10,000th Propane School Bus at the EXPO? A little birdy told us you may be interested in learning more about these buses, powered by a fuel that you may not expect!

The Wonderful World of Reptiles
Did you get to pet a python, or touch a tortoise? Even if you didn’t gather the urge to do so, we are happy that you got to experience these wonderful animals. The Georgia Reptile Society does educational events all across the State of Georgia, and even does free education to Title 1 schools! Learn more about what we do, and see if we can visit your school!

Georgia Tech – BBUGS. The Ins and Outs of Love
Ooblek can be easily made at home in your kitchen by mixing equal parts water and cornstarch – use this mixture to explore more about the characteristics of non-Newtonian fluids. Think about other fluids which exhibit similar characteristics, and how these relate to blood and other important fluids, as discussed in our demo. Interested in learning more about biotechnology and bioengineering in general? Come out to Buzz on Biotech, the annual BBUGS open house at Georgia Tech, for a full day of biotech events, demos, and seminars. Learn more and sign up to attend, or learn more about BBUGS.

UGA Archaeology. Archaeology, Isotopes, and Dendrochronology
Have you ever wanted to go on a real archaeological dig? The University of Georgia and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Archaeology Division will be leading a hands-on archaeology day trip on Saturday, June 8, 2019, on Ossabaw Island. Registration is required. Not ready for a dig, but want to know more about archaeology? Request a Junior Archaeologist booklet and comic books about the science behind archaeology. May is Georgia Archaeology Month and the Society for Georgia Archaeology will be hosting special events to celebrate. Follow the UGA Laboratory of Archaeology and UGA Center for Isotope Studies (CAIS) on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to stay up-to-date on current archaeological research and events. We want everyone to enjoy archaeology responsibly. Please do not remove artifacts from their original locations. Take photos and document the location then tell an archaeologist. Remember, it is illegal to dig on state or federal land. Get more information.

Fulton County Library Outreach Team
Looking for more science related fun? Invite the Fulton County Library Outreach Team to your next event. The library wants to bring free STEAM programs to schools, startup spaces, and organizations in the City of Atlanta and Fulton County. We can bring laser cutters, 3D printers, drones, virtual reality, and of course science books! We serve kids, adults, seniors, and entrepreneurs. Get more information and request a library outreach program today!

Johns Creek Environmental Campus
Come join over 35,000 visitors and participate in our award winning educational program. The program uses the state-of-the-art 15 million gallon per day treatment facility and educates on what happens to our water before and after we use it, as well as the Membrane BioReactor Technology used here. Schools, STEM, STEAM, science groups, and community
organizations visit every year and participate in the program. Program tour visits are by appointment only. The educational facility has a lecture hall, teaching lab, and classroom. There is also an increasingly popular summer internship program for high school seniors and college students. Learn more.

Graphic Packing International
The team at Graphic Packing International (GPI) had a great time sharing our papermaking and stamping/printing activities at the 2019 Atlanta Science Festival Expo! Keep the fun and learning going with these resources…. Try papermaking at home here and here. Blast into the past to find out the history of the printing press. Geek out with a more technical explanation of two types of printing we do at our facilities, flexo and litho. Salute the trees that make papermaking and printing possible, with these links to information about GPI’s Trees Into Cartons, Cartons Into Trees (TICCIT) program, which happens every year around Earth Day, and a couple of tree-focused organizations (Trees Are Good and Trees Atlanta).

Exploring STEM with IBM
Educators, parents and students can build a robot and bring it to life using Watson services. Get the activity and others on the IBM Activity kits website. Teacher Advisor with Watson is a free online lesson planning tool.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium
Sign up for a STEAM Tour of the stadium and check out upcoming events in the Home Depot Backyard.

As the sponsor of Science ATL’s 5K Race Through Space, we want you to register for this fun and healthy way to learn about the solar system. School groups are invited to Adopt-A-Planet!

The rapid pace of climate change is largely fueled by the burning of fossil fuels — oil, gas, coal — for transportation, electricity production, and other uses. Get involved with Citizens’ Climate Lobby and work to reverse the U.S. contribution to climate change. CCL is getting Congress to place a fee on carbon by passing the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. Join them in growing the political will to bring about this necessary change.

Living Labs
Food resilience is a global problem and according to the UN, two-thirds of the global population will live in urban areas by 2050. Our ways of growing food must evolve and adapt to provide for our growing population and help address our modern cities’ more difficult challenges; the access, affordability, acceptability, and availability of fresh, healthy foods. To help pave the way for resilient growth, Atlanta has launched the IoT.ATL AgTech Challenge to help identify smart AgTech solutions for the future. Get more information about upcoming container sites, events, and start-up information!

Georgia Tech – Materials Research Society
In our “golden” penny demo, we plated a penny in zinc without the use of an electric current.
This is electroless plating. Most commonly, a power source is used to drive the plating process, which gives it the name electroplating. Get your own copper plating kit and explore the plating process for yourself!

General Info Related to ASF Events/Exhibits

Evidence: How We Know What We Know A series of videos produced by the Exploratorium explore how scientists collect evidence that helps them understand how humans became human.

Biology (DNA, biophysical, synthetic, insects, animals)
Aurator: Multimedia exploration of synthetic biology from the perspective of synthetic biologists, social scientists, artists, philosophers, bioethicists, entrepreneurs and others

Meet the Woman Who Changed the Way We Treat Cancer Massive Science article on the scientific innovations Jane Cooke Wright brought to the fight against cancer.
CancerQuest is a cancer education and outreach program at Emory University. They provide reliable information about cancer biology and treatment.

Sliding Grey Step This Exploratorium “Science Snack” helps you see how perception of color depends on its background.
Bird in a Cage This Exploratorium “Science Snack” explores how the cones in the retina react to light.

Environment (recycling, renewable energy, water cycle, solar)
Our Changing Atmosphere This Exploratorium “Science Snack” provides a real data set from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that can be graphed to learn more about climate change.
Atlanta Environmental Health Resource Guide A collection of environmental health resources, curated by Emory researchers, about topics and services relevant to Atlanta residents.

Teaching Science Through Stories – Jack and the Beanstalk Resources for extended conversations and activities about plants sparked by the classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk for ages 4-6.
Teaching Science Through Stories – The Story of Frog Belly Rat Bone Resources for extended conversations and activities about plants impact on the environment sparked by The Story of Frog Belly Rat Bone for ages 7-11.

Human Body
Re-Engineering the Circulatory System This Exploratorium “Science Snack” uses everyday materials to build and test a model circulatory system.

What is Math For? A keynote lecture at a Next Generation STEM Conference explores how mathematics provides life skills that enable students to better understand the world around them.

Neuroscience (cognition)
Massive Science “Brain Waves” Articles written for the science-curious public.

Ocean Science
These Corals Love the Warming Ocean Massive Science article on research new habitats forming as the ocean warms.
Ocean Acidification In a Cup This Exploratorium Science Snack shows you how to create an acidic atmosphere to see how it impacts the water below it.

Pollen Map and Calendar An exploration of environmental monitoring and mapping, using DIY tools and social media as a platform for ad-hoc data collection
Pollen Nation A local citizen science project from Emory University in which you can collect and count pollen outside your home or workplace, and contribute to a pollen map of Atlanta!

Sound (Radio)
Teaching Science Through Stories – Horrid Henry Rocks Resources for extended conversation and activities about sound sparked by the story of Horrid Henry Rocks for ages 7-11.
Groovy Sounds – Build your own phonograph This Exploratarium “Science Snack” tells you how to make a record player out of everyday objects.
Straw Oboe This Exploratarium “Science Snack” helps you recycle that plastic straw by turning it into a musical instrument!
Stereo Sound This Exploratorium “Science Snack” reveals how locating the source of sound has a lot to do with timing.

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