Ozobot 101

Learn how to draw codes for Ozobots to follow.


Learn to use coding and math skills to create a 3D rendered object with BlocksCAD! Then use our 3D printers to make that object come to life! *Availability while resources last – first come, first serve.

Bio-Bus Presents Chemistry: States of Matter

Learn about the properties of solids, liquids and gases through a series of scientific demonstrations. Presented by Georgia State University's Bio-Bus.

Big Thinkers: It's Electric!

It's Electric! This is an exciting exploration of electricity and heat!  Questions such as "What is electricity?" will be addressed in this interactive presentation!

Sunday Funday: Summer Flowers

Summer blooms are at their peak and we can't wait to explore through the meadow with you! Come collect your own bouquet of beautiful flowers, grasses, and leaves. Look at the flowers through a microscope, try your hand at catching a butterfly in a net, and spy a bird through binoculars during this Sunday…

STEM for Kids

Ages 5 to 10 Years 07/03: Ozobot Coding. Open to the first 12 participants. 07/17:  Eggstronaut Drop. Open to the first 20 participants. 07/31: Constellation Creations. Open to the first 20 participants.