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Homeschool Lab: Polymer Science

Ages 6-10 In this lab, kids explore polymer spherification as we make water bubbles from seaweed extract, and experiment with thermoplastics. Location: Science Center (suite 5) $20 10% sibling discount

Homeschool Lab: Squid Dissection

Ages 6-10 In this lab, we study squid and learn the characteristics they share with other member of their phylum. Students have the opportunity to dissect squid and investigate their complex eyes, which are similar in function to human eyes. Location: Science Center (suite 5) $20 10% sibling…

Homeschool Lab: Science of Magic

Ages 6-10 Kids investigate how science is the secret to real magic tricks as they learn some simple tricks so they can put on a magic show of their own. Location: Science Center (suite 5) $20 10% sibling discount

Master Herpetologist Program - Online!

Structured course dates: 05/27-09/02 Online course: Currently available This intensive course provides an introduction to herpetology and equips participants with amphibian and reptile identification skills and general knowledge of frogs, salamanders, turtles, lizards and snakes — their life…
Apple farm with a barn on a hill.

The Awesome Science of Apples at Mercier Orchards

By Laura Mast “There’s a lot more science than people realize. People think, you go out there, you dig a hole, you plant a tree and pick it. There’s a lot more.” David Lillard, orchard manager at Mercier Orchards, leans back in his chair and smiles good-naturedly at me and Ian Flom, Mercier’s…