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Grow and Learn: Pest Management

The program will provide an overview and what to do about the 4 basic pests in the garden or on the farm: sucking pests, chewing pests, boring pests, and human pests. Join farmer, trainer, soil alchemist, and worm whisperer Maurice Small as he digs deep on pest control and integrated pest management. About…

Feeding Millions Through Edible Insect Flour

In this YayFinder session, meet the founder of WUNDERgrubs, a company created to reduce food insecurity around the world, with less global warming impact and animal cruelty than typical sources of protein (like cows, pigs & chickens). WUNDERgrubs provides protein flour made from insects! Learn: >…
Coffe beans in a bowl

The Awesome Science of Coffee Production

By Sydney Hubbard During the summer of 2017, Kayla Bellman was working with Habitat for Humanity delivering latrines, smokeless stoves, and water filters to families living in extreme poverty in a remote region of Guatemala. This particular region, along with many other rural, agrarian areas of…