Georgia Seafood for the Future

Magnolia Room 103 Fort King Drive, Darien, Georgia

Learn how UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant have partnered with food science and technology experts from the University of Georgia to diversify and expand the use of our state’s seafood resources beyond traditional marketing avenues.

Green Thumb Lecture: Fall Vegetable Gardening

Online Georgia

Join us online August 10th, from 6pm-7:30pm for an informative presentation on Fall Vegetable Gardening. We will learn which vegetables do best in fall weather, and when to plant. We will learn how to maintain, troubleshoot, and harvest your veggies.

So Easy to Preserve Food from Your Garden

Live Oak Public Library Pooler Branch 216 Rogers Street, Pooler, Georgia

Join us for a food preservation class on how to preserve foods from your home garden. Participants will receive UGA food preservation publications, recipes and research-based food safety information for home canning (water bath & pressure), freezing and drying foods.

Georgia Ginseng Seminar

Online Georgia

Ginseng is a plant of historical, medicinal, and economic importance in Appalachia. Come join us to learn about how to start your own ginseng patch, regulation and conservation efforts, and the history and use of ginseng. Presenters will include experts from Georgia Department of Natural Resources, North Carolina State University Extension, and University of Georgia […]

Green Thumb Lecture ‘Gardening for Wildlife’, October 2022

Online Georgia

Please join us online for an informative presentation on Gardening for Wildlife. Topics include basic wildlife needs, plants that best attract and encourage wildlife to benefit your landscape, and planning your wildlife garden for all seasons.

So You Think You Want Bees

Online Georgia

Honey bees and beekeeping come with a lot of benefits, but it's not for everyone. Find out if beekeeping is the right fit for you and what it takes to get started during this free, virtual lunch and learn. Participation Details Be sure to register by February 7, 2023 to receive the Zoom link for […]

Attracting and Supporting Pollinators in your Garden & Bees if You Please

Milton City Park and Preserve 1785 Dinsmore Rd, Milton, Georgia

Attracting and Supporting Pollinators in your Garden: Milton resident Marcia O’Shaughnessy will tell us how to attract and include the valuable pollinators which are the catalysts of flowering plants. Following her suggestions will lead you to a more colorful garden. Bees if You Please: Beekeeper extraordinaire Stan Key, a member of the Milton Bee Club, […]